Alessio Caiazza

Il sapere umano appartiene al mondo.

A couple of weeks ago I got back into HamRadio. So many things changed in the last 5 years, so many new things to learn.

73 de IU5BON

( 5B68Gw)

I’ve implemented a little trick on my micropub API. If I post from client, it will syndicate to by default

( 59jHod)

There was a link to zonelets on the indieweb IRC chat.

Plenty of services can help you to “create a professional-looking website without writing a single line of code.” Now, thanks to Zonelets, you can create an UNPROFESSIONAL-looking website by writing NUMEROUS lines of code!

Best commercial ever 😂

( 59hGGH)

Hello. My name is Alessio Caiazza. I'm also known as nolith. I love writing code and technology. I'm passionate about production engineering.

This is where I write my thoughts trying to follow IndieWeb principles.

Staff Backend Engineer, Delivery @ GitLab


IU5BON HamRadio callsign

"Il sapere umano appartiene al mondo."

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